Thursday, April 5, 2012


Has it already been 6 months since I came home from my Europe adventure?  It sure doesn't seem like it.  Time is moving to quickly. Sometimes I want to freeze time and enjoy the peaceful moments in life...but I guess that is impossible, so I will keep trekking along.

As I rewind my memory I reflect on the amazing adventure I had with two of my besties.  First stop on our excursion... 


 We had a lovely tour guide to show us around Madrid
beautiful Madrid
small world meeting up with my friend from the states.  

Next stop Paris...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Living in Spain for three months was a life changing experience.
I cant believe that is already come and gone. 

It was sad to say goodbye to the families that I have become apart of the past few months.

But when good things come to an end, you know that better things are coming in the future....

So here we go on our adventure traveling around europe.

hola madrid

bonjour paris

ciao rome...


& venice

hallo vienna

ahoj prague

see you soon berlin & london.

Every country has the most amazing history and beauty.
but im excited to see the beauty of the utah mountains and the changing fall colors.
see you soon u.s.a.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Holiday in Colonia de Sant Jordi [Part 2]


i love to ride a bike, even if my bum is permanently bruised.  While I lived in Colonia for 2 1/2 weeks that was our transportation around town.  Even to get to Lindsey and Alicia I would bike to their small towns.  It was a pretty long journey to get to Lindsey though,  45 minutes later I would arrive to her house and it wasnt just flat ground all the way.  There were big hills that I would have to bike up.  But alicia being the genious she is came up with a song that went a little like this, "burn baby burn, burn baby burn, bookin' it right up this hill"...and so on. We had fun sing to ourselves.  It was nice not having to depend on buses for a little.  We could just hop on our bikes and head where ever we wanted.
 Alicia & I riding up to the lighthouse.

There were always hundreds of bikes 
parked by the beach everyday.

 Alicia, me, & Lindsey 
(cant find here, well she is riding with me. haha)
riding our bikes around town

The fam and some of the kids friends riding our bikes to the beach.

I was the caboose to make she the little ones were safe.

Alis & I

biking on the boardwalk around town.

Juan & Alis love to bike around by the sea.

[Cabrara island]

Cabrara is a small island of the coast near Colonia.  It was a beautiful island with the most amazing blue water.  The wildlife around the island and in the water is a spectacular view.

 It was a lovely day taking a boat and going and seeing the island.  We first went and saw the one castle on the island and then got back in the boat anchor in a little cove.  We snorkeled, jumped off the boat, went into a water cave, and even saw a family of dolphin swimming by us while we were riding away. 
On our way to the island.

Me with all the kids.

We hiked up to the castle that had a spectacular view.

Clear blue water. 

Boats anchored in the cove where you have to get permission two months in advance to stay.

The cover where we anchored.

The kids had fun diving off the boat.

At first this looks like nothing, but it really is something. haha
Look in the left bottom corner.  A creepy eel!! eeek.

Tomato of the sea...thats what Juan called it.

When I was little and my family would go to cambell lake, my brother would always tell me that fish bit your toes while your swim.  Ever since then I have alway beens afraid that they really do.  Finally I HAD to get over my fear because the second I got in the water there were thousands of fish all around me.

The boat we rode over on.

Alis & I

Looking for crabs on the shore.

The kids would just grab them with their hands...I was too scared!

La Cuava Azul is the name of this cave.  It really translate perfectly because it really is a blue cave.

Inside the cave.

The water was soooo blue and clear. 

While we were heading back to Colonia we saw a family of dolphins swimming.  We stopped the boat to see them and they put on a little show for us by swimming around us and jumping pretty high out of the water.  It was a great way to end an amazing day.

 [cliff jumping]
 There were great rocks and water, so it was the perfect opportunity to jump into the sea.  Lindsey, Alicia, and i had a fun afternoon jumping into the mediterranean and chillin' on the rocks.